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Transformer Oil Testing and Oil Analysis – NABL Accreditated Laboratory

Oil and other insulating liquids suffer from electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation. In addition there are contaminations caused due to chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulations, catalyzed by high operating temperature. As a result the original chemical properties of Transformer Oil changes gradually, rendering it ineffective for its intended purpose after many years. Hence this oil has to be periodically tested to ascertain its basic electrical properties, and make sure it is suitable for further use or initiate necessary actions like filtration/regeneration.

Transformer Oil is not only subject to its own degradation, but is also a carrier of gasses emanated during arcing or flashovers between paper and winding insulations. Transformer Oil Testing and Analysis provides important information regarding any such incipient faults, without the need to pull down the equipment from its running condition.

We are India’s leading private laboratory for Transformer Oil testing as per IEC 17025:2000. Based in the same premises as the HQ office, it allows for constant supervision and monitoring of test methods and testing procedures. The NABL accreditation for this test laboratory allows us to certify our test results with authority that very few laboratories across India can match. Add the low turnaround time for sample testing, the precise and accurate results, and the record maintenance; our customers keep on coming back again.

We do Transformer Oil testing as per either IEC / IS / ASTM, as the customer specifies. Our laboratory is well-equipped to carry out tests as per any of the below mentioned standard test procedures…

Color & Appearance
Breakdown Voltage
Water Content
Acidity (Neutralization Value)
Dielectric Dissipation Factor
Sediments & Sludge
Interfacial Tension
Flash Point
Pour Point
Kinematic Viscosity
Dissolved Gas Analysis
Furan Analysis
Quality Systems
At Power Electronical’s Transformer Oil Testing Advanced Laboratory (TOTAL) we are committed to adhere and practice international systems for quality management and Oil Testing & Analysis. We have valid accreditations for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from NABL and ISO9000:2000. Both the accreditations allows our customers to be able to compare and use the test readings and our analysis to a scale comparable with National test laboratories. It is also a proof of our unswerving commitment to highest levels of quality standards for Oil testing.
certificate_TUV certificate NABL
Transformer Condition Monitoring Services
Oil Testing is only half the work done….without correct and accurate analysis, it serves no worthwhile purpose. Our engineers and laboratory staff are well equipped with knowledge and experience to be able to analyze the results and predict any kind of rapid degradation of Oil parameters, or advise residual life expectancy or fault interpretation. We follow it up with site visit and testing of other parameters of your equipment, to confirm the assessment, and help the customer take preventive and corrective measures well within time. A maintenance contract signed with us for all your critical HV/EHV equipments gives you complete peace of mind, because we look after them 24X7 thereafter, including scheduled and emergency visits.
Convenience with TOTAL association
  • Oil test results provided within 3 working days from sample receipt
  • Logistic control and handling may be done by TOTAL, on customer’s request
  • All tests done under controlled temperature and humidity, to maintain test integrity
  • All testing data records maintained for a period of 6 years
  • Statistical trending & analysis, on request
  • Experienced persons handling test operations, on continual basis since past 5 years
  • Single point communication window established for all customers
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